Monday, February 20, 2012

Week of March 1, First Person American

Hi everyone,

This week we are going to explore the website for First Person American, the organization we'll be working with every Friday, beginning 3/2/12.

Please visit their website.

Watch two of the films.

Then in Google Docs, answer the questions below:
  1. Why is it important to tell our stories?
  2. How can sharing immigrant stories help improve human rights for immigrants?
Post your answer to these questions to our blog comments.

Now for the important work:

Begin to tell your story by answering these questions. We will be working with this text a lot, so please save it as a separate document in Google Docs and call it "Your Name's Welcoming Story" (e.g. Ms Mann's Welcoming Story):
  1. What's your name? Could you briefly tell me more about yourself? Where you're from, when you arrived, at what age you arrived, why you came, etc?
  2. What was the most confusing or difficult thing you encountered in that early time?
  3. Did you know anyone here when you first arrived?
  4. Tell me about a person who recognized your talents and had a powerful and profound impact on helping you start your new life in the US; and/or a person who helped you/your parents/your family adjust to American life?
  5. Who was this person? Describe what they were like (physical traits, personality traits, etc).
  6. What did they do for you? How do you feel you are different from their help or involvement?
  7. Do you still keep in touch with this person? If you could tell this person something now, what would you tell him or her?
Save your answers and print them out for tomorrow! If you do not finish, please do it for HW and bring it in tomorrow! This is a very serious, important HW!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week of February 17, Cyberbullying and our assembly

Hi everyone,

This week, we are going to watch a video about a school that is taking positive action to fight against Cyberbully. Before we do, check out some photos of our awesome assembly!

  1. Watch this video:

2. In google docs, please answer the questions below:
  • How do you feel about this video and why?
  • How is cyber-bullying a human rights violation?
  • Is cyber-bullying more dangerous or harder to manage than face-t0-face bullying?
  • Do you know of anyone, including yourself, who has been cyber-bullied? If yes, how did you or that person react?
  • How does what you see connect with the assembly we led on Wed 2/15/12?
3. Now post your responses in a comment on our blog.

4. Read two other students' comments and write a response to them as another blog comment.