Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week of May 2, Reaction to Three Cups Scandal

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to react to the scandal around Three Cups of Tea.

Please do the following:

1. Read this op/ed piece by Kristoff.
2. Read this interview with Greg Mortenson.
3. Read a summary of Three Cups of Deceit by Jon Krakaeur
4. Read this article in which the CAI responds.

  • Now, in Google Docs, write your reaction to this controversy. How do you feel about it and why?

  • Post your response on our blog.

  • Then read 3-4 other students' responses and write reactions.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week of April 11th and May 2nd, Writing Letters to Greg Mortenson

Hi everyone, This week we are going to begin letters to Greg Mortenson, which we will eventually mail to him! We will also be trying a new software that will help you edit your work as you write it.

  • Please go to the Write to Learn website to begin the process.

  • Your username is generally the first initial of your first name and then your last name.

  • Your password is your OSIS number.

  • See me if you are having trouble logging in.

  • Once you have logged in, click on the assignment called "Letter to an Author". Here you will have space to begin a letter to Greg Mortenson. After you write a first draft, the program will give you feedback so that you can write a well-revised letter! How cool and exciting.

For your formal, business style letter, please follow these instructions:

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself (where you are from, your school, etc.). This should be a lengthy account of who you are. 5-7 sentences.

Paragraph 2: Tell Mr. Mortenson what you liked about Three Cups of Tea, what you learned from it, and a favorite quote. This paragraph should be very detailed and specific. 5-7 sentences.

Paragraph 3: Ask him three respectful questions.

Then close your letter by thanking him and inviting him to our school :).

We will be working on this for a few blog sessions. Be sure to save your work on the Write to Learn website.