Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week of April 11th and May 2nd, Writing Letters to Greg Mortenson

Hi everyone, This week we are going to begin letters to Greg Mortenson, which we will eventually mail to him! We will also be trying a new software that will help you edit your work as you write it.

  • Please go to the Write to Learn website to begin the process.

  • Your username is generally the first initial of your first name and then your last name.

  • Your password is your OSIS number.

  • See me if you are having trouble logging in.

  • Once you have logged in, click on the assignment called "Letter to an Author". Here you will have space to begin a letter to Greg Mortenson. After you write a first draft, the program will give you feedback so that you can write a well-revised letter! How cool and exciting.

For your formal, business style letter, please follow these instructions:

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself (where you are from, your school, etc.). This should be a lengthy account of who you are. 5-7 sentences.

Paragraph 2: Tell Mr. Mortenson what you liked about Three Cups of Tea, what you learned from it, and a favorite quote. This paragraph should be very detailed and specific. 5-7 sentences.

Paragraph 3: Ask him three respectful questions.

Then close your letter by thanking him and inviting him to our school :).

We will be working on this for a few blog sessions. Be sure to save your work on the Write to Learn website.


  1. Dear Mr. Greg,

    My name is Syrone Salvador, I’m 17 years old and I’m from the country of the Philippines. I currently live in New York City, and I'm currently studying in Newcomers High School, which is a school of recent immigrants coming in the country.

    I am writing to you because I really want to have an Education. My grandparents never achieved higher education, I want to make a difference and so I can share it to my future children as well. I read half about your book entitled, "Three Cups of Tea." So far, I've been very inspired by your story and I think it should be a requirement for every school in the country to read your book so that they'll be aware about your humanitarian programs. One of my favorite quotes in the book was "Greg said goodbye to abdul. His new friend said goodbye for his safe journey..." It gave me a sense of hope for people like us to achieve proper education. I believe that Education is one way to bring a family honor and your country a difference. I also think that education is something that you can treasure for the rest of your life and hopefully, I could inspire other people to do the same thing. So far I'va also heard that in the U.S., children who are in ages like mine are donating pennies. Those Pennies that are somehow worthless here and costs a pencil here. I find it very fascinating that people like my age are able to help people in a small way and I want to be a part of it.

    I was wondering, Why did you actually decided helping the Afghan people about education? why not hunger? or peacekeeping? Second, what do you feel now about your so far success? and Lastly, What were the toughest challenges you encountered?

    I really do hope this letter would be able to reach you and I wish you more success in your endeavors. I also wish you could visit our school here before I graduate.


    Syrone Salvador
    Newcomers High School

  2. Dear Greg Mortenson,
    My name is Sangjukta Sen Roy, recently studying in Newcomers High School. I am from Bangladesh and I have been living here for 2 years. I am 16 years old.
    There are many things that I like about the book. I am really grateful to you for initiating the chapter of education in Afghanistan. You have added a lot more excellent quote which inspired me a lot which is – “A smile should be more than a memory.” It is so powerful quote that gives the message to all of us about how important it is to really have happiness in life. To give another example, it is also written that “I’ll pay any price so they have the education they deserve.” This shows how education enlightens people and their future. Every one of the children who got opportunity to study in Afghanistan will be thankful to you. You have brought a new life for them. You have showed a new way to make their life successful and show their talent. This opportunity of education has brightened them and their every moment of their life.
    There are several questions to ask to you. The first one is – how was it difficult for you to adjust in totally different culture? Is there any moment of life when you have regretted for what you have lost while you were making the school in Afghanistan?
    I can’t thank you enough for your valuable time. I would really like you to visit our school and teach us more about your experiences in Afghanistan.