Monday, May 9, 2011

Week of May 9, Bullying

Hi everyone,

This week we are going to think about bullying and why it's a human rights violation.

To begin, please visit these websites:
  1. The Bully Project - watch trailer

  2. NY Times interview - watch what the film maker says.

  3. CNN clip on film - watch

  4. Go to Do Something and do something. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Where it asks you what cause, select violence and bullying. Then fill out the rest of the form and do what it asks you to do! Also, give them your email address to get emails about helping others.

  5. In google docs, write a response to the questions below:
  • a. What does bullying mean to you?

  • b. Have you ever been a victim of bullying? How did it make you feel?

  • c. How is bullying a human rights issue?

  • d. What steps can you personally take to help those who are bullied
When you finish, please post your response as a comment on our blog. After you post your response, read 3 other students' responses and write a response to them.


  1. Bullying to me is a way most people find to bother others that feels a little different from some people. And they take advantage of those to bring them below themselves, so they can feel superior and on top of them. No i have never been bullied before, but i know people who has and it makes me feel so raged to see them do that, mostly i stand up to those and give them a piece of my mind. Bullying is a human rights issue because no one should have the right to bother anyone else and make them feel less than they are. Everyone should eventually be treated the same as everyone else is, no one is less human than another.

  2. People have different definition for bullying. I think “Bullying” is physical or psychological harassment. Generally it makes people feel bad or harm their body. Bully affects a student’s activities, their families as well as their life. Gun control, child abuse, cyber bullying, violence against women, dating abuse –all these comes from the idea of bullying.
    I, personally never experienced bullying but I have seen teens like me faced problems for bullying. Other boys were verbally abused the girl. Every day on the way of school she had to bear those words from them. She started to feel bad about her and she became helpless. Within some days she committed suicide. This not only affected her but also affected her family.
    Bullying is a human rights issue. It is about when one person or a group of people are persecuting or saying something that is not appropriate to the person whom they are saying to. It also means to hurt someone for no reason. It is human rights issue because many people especially the teenagers are getting affected by it.
    There are several ways through which we can stop bullying or reduce the number of bullying in an area. The steps are
    1) Volunteer work to teach people about it
    2) Attend social action training
    3) Make movies or videos and publish it; so people understand the natter of bullying and how dangerous it is.
    4) Teach the negative effects of bullying in schools.
    5) Speak out

  3. For me personally, bullying means something bad that a person/group does to a person, caused by either very low/very high self-esteem. Bullying also happens because lack of education for teenager about how bad can it cause and how extreme it can affect someone’s life. It’s really disrespectful and should not be allowed in the community. Anything that’s connected with bullying should be punished by law and taken care seriously. Even though I’ve never been a victim of a bully, I understand how hard it can be for the person who gets bullied. It makes me angry to see how people can treat their own “human race” like that. I just want to lock them forever in jail because of bullying. It’s a human rights issue because it will affect a person/community way of life forever. We all can help them by report it to someone who is able to break the bully or end the bully, so everyone will take this seriously and end this issue. Or if we see it ourselves, we can try at least, to break the bully. It can be hard but it’s worth trying.

  4. 1-Bullying is a way to put someone under the level that you are in. It means to bother someone by giving comments and statements that might not even be true.
    2-I, personally have never been bullied but a lot of my friends have and I know how it feels like. I know it feels as if you don’t even belong in this world and sometimes you ask yourself” why was I even born?”. We don’t know what other people have been through and what made them the way they are. Therefore, we should never judge them and bully them before getting to know them. Give everyone an opportunity to fit in.
    3-The way that bullying connects to this class is that, we as a class are trying to fight for human rights and bullying is something that should be banished.
    4-The steps I would take are : to be more close to the people who are being bullied and help them, to make bullying projects, to stop the people who bully others.

  5. 1. It means to me is some teenagers trying to bother others and they feel powerful of it. They want others to feel fear.
    2. No, I have never been bullied before.
    3. Bullying is a human rights issue, because nobody have right to bother other and make them feel fear.
    4. I think we have to post the video to every school and let student to watch it. And teach the negative effects of bullying.

  6. @lovely
    I totally agree with you and I hate them. I would stand up for the people who got bullied!

  7. The bullying for me is a group of people make happy above anther people’s sadness. They don’t think we are the same, we will feel sad and upset, children will reminder the childhood forever. If bully happened they will not forget it. it will affect them while life. You one happy of moment may destroy people’s one life. When I was 14 years old, I was very tall, I am the one highest on my class. But the body size gave me bring many trouble. The high level students will come to talk with me. The talk is not peaceful. Usually it has threatened and warned. I don’t why they did these. But they made me scare them and fear alone also I had scare for go to school. We can help people, who has being bullying, help them out and makes them sanguine and meet friends. And also we can punish who bully people. Let them know what feeling for be bullied.

  8. @heng
    It's kind of hard to just let every school watch the video. Since the students are the one who are doing the bully. But it's worth trying.

  9. Bullying for me means when someone bothers others just because they want them to feel unhappy. When someone bullies is because they are not happy with their lives so they want the rest to feel bad as they do. I don’t think I have ever been a victim of bullying. Bullying is a human rights issue because it violates the peoples’ rights of privacy. As humans, we all should have the right to be respected. I think a way to help those students who are bullied is by representing them. For example being part of the student government is a way of standing out and protect them from bullying.

  10. For me bullying means a physical and mental abuse from one or group of individuals who thinks they are superior, to another individual based on his/her peaceful behavior. In other word bullying for me means a stupidity from an ignorant who thinks he/she is better. Yes I was a victim of bullying, and it made me feel the worst person of the world. It made me feel that I am not capable of nothing, inferior, that I am alone in this life. Bullying is a human rights issue because bullying is breaking a lot of the rights from the UHDR, for example the right to a safe life. One step to help those who are bullied is to don’t let anyone to take your freedoms. Do not stay quiet, tell someone. Your parents are the best people who can really help you, if you don’t have one, tell a counselor at your school but do not keep it to yourself. Always ask for older help. We all are equal.

  11. For me bullying is a way to intimidate or abuse (verbally or physically) other person. It’s a way to bother people to the point of really scare them. I have never been a victim of bullying, so far I’ve been pretty good getting along with other people. But I do have friends who had faced this situation and its so sad because all the time they are afraid of others and they don’t do anything to stop it. Most of the time they don’t face the problem, but they hide from it. Bullying is an issue for human rights because violates the freedom and security and the respect of people, no one has the right to make fun of you, nor to bother you. Everyone should be treated equally, and there is no right to treat other as if they are worthless. To help those people who have been bullied I would try to speak to them to encourage them to speak up and don’t be afraid of others, I would recommend them to take personal defense classes and classes to improve their self esteem to gain more confidence and trust.

  12. For me, bullying is what I really hate. A part of people think they are powerful or different compare to others, so they do whatever they want to. They make some of students afraid to go to school. When i came here for about 3 month, I was bullied by group of black guys in the train. They hit my neck behind me. I was so scared. But after it, I knew that i have to go away from those guys. Bullying is a human rights issue because no one have right to make others feel bad, everyone should treat each other in same way. I guess we have to stand up first and speak out for them.

  13. Bullying for me is where a person who feels superior takes advantage on a person whose less superior on them. They can be taken advantage in many ways, verbally or physically. Even in a situation where a student asks for somebody’s homework for his own benfit. I guess that’s one amateur way of bullying. Usually, children who are in the higher level are the ones who bully and the younger ones are the one being bullied at. It could also be minorities who looks very uncommon to everyone else.
    I think Bullying prevents students from having a natural human right of achieving education. It prevents them from accessing it because they feel like they don’t belong and it somehow tells them they don’y belong to school.
    I think the best way to support anti-bullying is by not becoming one. Helping students who you see are being bullied and taking a stand for them. Although it sounds like very hard to do, you’ll actually feel like a hero and changing someone else’s life for the better good.


  14. Bullying means to me is someone who likes to bothers and scares others. Also they always like to pick on small one. I have never been a victim of bullying. I think bullying might let people fell unsafely. Everyone should have the same human rights. Bullying would cause some negative influences on the other people who were bullied. I will join some organization which helps people were bullied.

  15. Bullying is an act or way to tobter other more weaker people then them. Maybe they are bulling others bacause they want to escape from them problems or maybe to feel more accepted by the peers. Yes I was bullied and i felt terrible about that, but it happened only once, so I cannot image others people that are bulling for many years. It is right issue because on one have right to bother anyone else and make them feel less important. By showing them that they are important as others. And that they don't have to be afraid of them. That they are good at something.

  16. A. Bullying means others want to hurt weaker person by laughing or punch at him/her.

    B. Yes, I feel angry and I want to fight with them.

    C. Bullying is a human right issue because we all human being. We all has the equal right why one can hurt another one by laughing at him/her or punch at him/her?

    D. I may create a club to teach others that the consequences of bullying and the feelings of bullying. Also, we can make an activity call “Bullying Each Other” to let everyone experience the feeling of bullying, in which to change their behaviors.

  17. @ erblina:
    I strongly agree... and very nice.. :D

  18. For me bullying means physical and mentally harassment to other people. I never being a victim of bullying and I wish that will never happen to me. So far what I know is those kids who being victims of bullying their lives change. They will always be to get involved in the community or society because they are afraid. These feeling stays with them for many years. Bullying is a big issue of the human rights because it taking other people’s rights to be happy and enjoy their lives. We can make something like they did in Not in our Town to Not in our School , make posters that say No Bullying in our school and do a big campaign to promote no Bullying allowed in this building those are the steps that we can do to keep our schools safe.

  19. @lovely
    I totally agree with you, no one is less than any other person and we shouldn't feel ashamed of being bullied, this is a serious problem and the only way to fix it its speaking up and doing something to stop it.

  20. @Jeannette
    I agree with you, but student government can not cover all of those things. Most of students are afraied to say it when they are being bullied.

  21. Dear Weiwei,
    I agree with you that bullying make many people afaid to go to school.

  22. @weifeng
    i agree with you, if we have bullying we need fight for it, if just let them do they want, next you will see them again.

  23. Bullying means one group of people to hurt some weak people. The stronger to bullies other young people. Someone hates by others, and then which will do some bad things to this person.
    I'm really hate this feel because I feel really hopeless when I got bully from others. when the high-level students punched me, my classmates just stand and watch...nobody could help me...that is all. Also, teacher didn't do anything for you...they were fear too.that was my story about my middle school life in China.
    you should know whatever you live in where, the bullying will never stop and keep. this is why we should help who get bullying. that is really important!! that was my dark-dream in my life for ever and I don't want my children do that again. what ever they bully others or others bully them.
    I want to say stop it and change your activity
    that is really bad! Do not hurt others and yourself.

  24. @ Sangjukta; I love the definition you give for bullying.
    @ HengLiang; It's a good idea about the video to stop bullying at schools.
    @YuJie; I agree with you about bullying affects people for the rest of their lives.

  25. @ jeannette i strongly i agree with ya because is the job of student gov and org to fight for other students @ Mamo good job like it

  26. 1. Bulling to me is when you hurt or offend someone emotionally and physically.
    2. Well, fortunately I haven’t been a victim of bullying yet and hopefully won’t be one. And how it fell, as far as I know it’s the most disgusting felling in the world.
    3. Because human rights it our natural rights. And bulling is a violence to those rights. We have the right to be happy and bullying takes that away from us and at the same time leave us with a opposite felling which is offended and hurt.
    4. the best way to help a person who been bullied is by standing up by their self. Because then they know that there is someone standing up for them. And also encourage them to confront the situation.

  27. To me, I think bullying means stronger people do something unfair to the weaker people. The weaker people feel reluctant but they don’t say anything. I had been a victim of bullying. I felt so angry but scaried.I didn’t know if I needed to protest them. Bullying is big issue. It caused many children’ death and a lot of children were injured. It damaged our human rights.
    After they are bullied,they must go to talk adults because they can help them.They need to think they have this human right.They can’t just let people bully them.
    Also they can tell the teachers ,then let people who bullied them get their punishments. Last one,they need to build their confidence, it helps they don’t get bullying.

  28. To guy
    I like when you said- Not in our Town to not in our school. that was very inspiring. i hope as human rights student we can take step against bullying

  29. Bullying is an act or way to bother other more weaker people then them. Maybe they are bulling others because they want to escape from them problems or maybe to feel more accepted by the peers. Yes I was bullied and i felt terrible about that, but it happened only once, so I cannot image others people that are bulling for many years. It is right issue because on one have right to bother anyone else and make them feel less important. By showing them that they are important as others. And that they don't have to be afraid of them. That they are good at something.

  30. @Maciej
    "Maybe they are bulling others bacause they want to escape from them problems or maybe to feel more accepted by the peers." I like and I agree with this quote because it is true that one bullying another can more accepted.

  31. For me bulling is an act of bad behavior of a person who has a problem about respect, people who bullies other people in general they have a problem and they bully because some of them can not solve that problem. I think that I had been a victim of bulling but it didn’t affect me a lot. Bulling is absolutely a human right issue because many people are bullied and in some cases nobody cares of them. I can create an organization which will help those people who are victims of bulling and it will be especially for children.

  32. 1. Bulling means bother others making them feel less than others.

    2. No, but I know that been bullied make that person feel that he doesn’t have same rights as others.

    3. Bulling is a human right issue because no body has the right to bother others and make feel then less human than others.

    4. I think that we can help those people who were bullied by giving them our help ,our friendship and making know them that they are equal to everybody.

    By Silvia S

  33. The word bulling means when someone is being threatened over something. For example lunch money or just when someone who thinks they are bigger than you or however, won't stop picking on you for some reasons. Some of the bully just do for their own pleasure, they think it's good in way. Also they do it because they they want you to be in trouble for something you didn't do. I haven't really been a victim of bulling but i know that it must be horrible to the kids who have a problem with the bully. It's definitely horrifying. Bulling is a human right issue because it's like you do not live your own life but others. The bully will make you feel down and powerless, they would make sure that you're miserable and feel like you're nobody in this world. The kids doesn't have freedom of thought of speech because the bully will act like your boss in a kid's life which is not the case with personal rights. I can post it on a web side where most of teens go all the times, such as Facebook, Oovoo, Msn etc. So that others can see and understand that bulling has effects on other people's life. Also, it is a deadly way of humanity. Some teens have been killed or suicide because of it.

  34. 1) Bullying for me is a physical or psychological abuse in which people make others feel bad, sad, inferiors to them.
    2)I have never been a victim of bullying, but I know people who faced this problem, but now they are more successful than the persons who bullied them.
    3)Bullying is a human rights issue because no body have the right to bother and disrespect other people because in this world we are humans and we have the same rights to respect to be respected in the same way.
    4) Create a organization in which I can help those people who face this issue and also I can teach other people the negatives effects of bulling.