Friday, December 16, 2011

Week of December 19, Media Final Exam

Hi everyone,

This week we will be working on our Media Finals.

Please sit in your groups. You need to get the following things done - different people should do different jobs:
  1. Type up your combined voice over paragraph in google docs.
  2. Then upload it to dropbox and to a flash drive, just in case.
  3. Get images about the major topics, issues in your paragraph.
  4. Save and upload those images to dropbox and to a flashdrive, just in case
Specific group jobs:
Group 1:

  • Rabita – paragraph
  • Roseanna and all – images related to paragraph

Group 2:

  • Mayda – paragraph,
  • Wensi, Jessica, etc. – images

Group 3:

  • Anamaria – paragraph,
  • Owen, all else- images

Group 4:

  • Yinghang – paragraph,
  • Yingying, everyone else – images

Group 5:

  • Abbas: paragraph,
  • Aysha, all else – images, etc.

Dropbox information:

password: nhs002
Folder: EDU_MANN
Then find your group's folder and save the stuff there by uploading to the dropbox website.


  1. YOU MUST FINISH THIS WORK! If you don't finish in the computer room, you must finish it for HW. It is due on Thursday!
  2. IF DROPBOX isn't working, just use a flashdrive and google docs!!!

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