Friday, June 1, 2012

First Person American Photos!

Hi everyone,

Congratulations! Today was wonderful!! I'm so proud of you all!

Here are photos:


Ms Mann

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  1. Meng Yu Li

    1How did it feel to watch these films and why?
    I have similar feeling with them, I felt lonely when I came here, I also didn’t understand English. I felt I were different with others. I want to go back.

    2Who welcomed you when you came to this country? How would you thank them?
    My mother welcomed me when I came here. I missed my mother very much. Because I didn’t see her about two years.

    3What issue did you read about on Concern's website?
    Why does the government didn’t help them? Why people didn’t go somewhere that have water?

    4How would you like to help this organization?
    I would like to appeal my friends, my teachers, strangers to realize this organization,and I hope them to help the organization by donating money, saving water.