Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week of March 12, Preparing for First Person American

Hi everyone,

This week please complete your assignment for First Person American:

Visit the First Person American Website

Make sure you finished writing out the outline for your story in the First Person American packet.

Then, in your google drive, please complete the assignment:

Come up with a strong hook, write a first draft of your immigration story, identify the story arc. Make sure you answer who, what, where, when, why and how.

You need to have this story printed out for our next class!!


Ms Mann

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  1. This class is very interesting, so I enjoyed many activities such as exchanging letters with my St Luke’s buddies, and the information we get from Mr. Cahalan and Amanda. I also enjoy the activities we do in exchanging on our point of views in issues.

    I enjoyed every single activity because I learned a lot from them.

    Yes, I have changed due to my participation because I enriched my knowledge little by little. I learned about hunger issues, health issues, and education issues in our world.

    I would like to know more about how the actions of rich countries influenced living conditions in the poorest ones. How others’ intervention are beneficial and harmful at certain aspects.

    The class is pretty swell the way it is right now maybe we may watch more informative videos in order to improve our knowledge on human rights.

    They should be more involved, and also do their own personal research in order to learn more about the world problems. They should achieve their community service hours and make their blogs.

    I am doing community services at the YMCA, and I have 25 hours so far. I have learned how to socialize and how to fix lights.
    Fill in the blanks..."From class this marking period, one thing I will take is perseverance and knowledge,working as a team, and one thing I will give is strong effort.