Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week of November 13, Using the Blog

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to practice using our blog, posting comments, and responding to comments.

Please answer the questions below as a comment to the blog.

  1. What is the value of using technology as part of class?
  2. What experience do you have using blogs?
  3. Do you know how to type?
  4. Do you have a computer with internet access at home?

Then read the comments of another classmate and respond to his or her comments by answering:

  1. What do you have in common with the answers of this classmate?
  2. What question do you have?


  1. 1. the value of using technology is the knowledge we can get from it , it meas that the class would be more didactic and we could pay attention more than usual , so this could make us to learn more.
    2.i have never had a experience about blogs.
    3. yes i do know
    4. yes i do have a computer with access with internet at home

    1. 1) Both of us know how to type and have computers at home. Both of us think that technology means access to knowledge.

      2) According to you, how does technology make the classroom interesting? Can you explain?

  2. 1) The value of using technology as part of class is that it gives access to knowledge. Moreover, it brings the world in the class. Students can be creative.

    2) It was fun to comment and share ideas with others.

    3)Yes, I know how to type.

    4) Yes i do have a computer with access with internet at home.

  3. 1)it give us more information and make our mind out of the box.
    2)it works great ,and we can share the information on that
    3)yes ,l do.
    4)yes ,l have.