Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week of October 11: Sex Trafficking in the US

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to learn more about sex trafficking in preparation for seeing the play Sell/Buy/Date.

Please watch the following short videos and listen to the podcast:

  1. Hidden America
  2. Children for Sale
  3. Sex Trafficking How it Works
  4. Optional podcast (only audio) Against Their Will
Complete this form to share what you learned from each video/podcast.

Then use Carmyn's character profile handout to create a character based on all of our class readings, the films, and other material we've explored about sex trafficking. 

This will be graded as a test, and it is due before our second class with her on October 19.

It will be graded using this rubric:

What it means
Possible points


Does your character represent the issue or topic clearly?
Do you include facts, details from the materials used in class?


Can the reader/audience understand the topic or issue based on how you created this character?


Is your grammar, spelling and punctuation accurate? Did you proofread your work?
Did you work hard to create an interesting and relevant?
Is this your best work?
Total score


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