Monday, March 14, 2011

Week of March 21-25, Geography for Three Cups of Tea

Today we are going to think about geography.

Please look carefully at these maps of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Then in MS Word, answer the questions below:

  1. How does where one lives affect how one lives? (be sure to think about location, climate, soil, vegetation, animal life, human interaction)

  2. Write a journal entry of an imaginary day in your life in Afghanistan or Paksitan. What would your day be like? Think about what you eat, what you wear, what you do for fun.

  3. Do the same thing now for a real day in your life here.

  4. How are your days different or the same?

  5. Look at two other classmates' entries and write a response to them.


  1. 1) When a person lives in one area, it becomes very difficult to move to another because they get used to that place and they don’t want to start another life somewhere else. We get used to the community, weather, location and so on. Therefore, it affects everybody because they wont have those same things if they move. They know how to work in their community, they know their neighbors. Its difficult to change a habitat when you’re used to everything. Being very hot and the absence of conditioners is a horrible condition. And when it is really cold , they don’t have enough clothes.
    2) Today is just a regular day like every other day. It is really cold and I don’t have worm clothes to wear. Therefore, I am freezing and I have no clothes on. My feet are freezing because my family can’t buy shoes for all of us. I eat the same food almost everyday because we cant afford to cook different dishes everyday. There are not so many ways for us to have fun but we try to play with each other and make the best out of it. Sometimes it is really hard because if you don’t have toys you cant play. We cant go to school because there are no schools here. If only we had a school to go to, my life would be so much better.
    3) It was a usual day for me. I woke up in the morning and got ready to go to school. Since it was a rainy day I had to wear my rain boots and a big warm coat. I went to school to learn more and to get more knowledge. I got to meet my friends and in the free time, or lunch time we got to play games and make jokes with each other. After that, we went to watch a volleyball game with my friends. It was a really great day and we had fun.
    4) Our days are TOTALLY different. Here in NY we have good conditions and there are a lot of ways to have fun. We have clothes for every weather and we don’t have to freeze when it is really cold. I wish that they would have a normal and good day like us where they can go to school have fun and play with their friends.

  2. 1. As a immigrant I know where you live have a very have a impact on your life. Because I experienced it they life here and in ma country is very different for example the way of leaving. And also other staff affects it too for example the climate if it’s too cold you’ll have a harder life because u always has to put heavy clothes, and fewer sports. Then food which is very critical because on country ask for a certain type of food so it affect it as well.
    2. If I was n Afghanistan or in Pakistan I would have fun, fear and faith. I mean fun because the subcontinent has 6 seasons which are beautiful and also verity of sports which is fun too. At the same time fear because I can only imagine living in a land controlled by Taliban, it’s a living hell. And faith for better days.
    3. No because the condition here are different.
    4. The way of living, the food, the laws in a word everything

  3. The Afghanistan and Pakistan are similar since they live next to each other. The climate is tropic. Mostly mountainous, so in order to get into one place, they have to travel by horse and any other alternative transportation. Trucks, jeeps, and modern vehicle are barely reaching the place they are supposed to go to. They can’t really plant their crops, since it’s mountainous, so it’s rocky. If I live there, I would spend most of my days doing home stuff, such as cooking, planting crops (in a small area), etc. I will also wear shorts and tees, since it’s really hot. But, in Queens, I would never do the same thing, since I have thousands of things to do everyday. In here, we have 4 seasons, neither like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Queens, I’m free to eat whatever I want to eat (as long as I have money to buy it ) But in the Middle East, I would have to eat what I have on that day. All of my days would be completely differ than in the Middle East. It’s not free there, developing countries, and no “fair”/”equal” rights.

  4. @ Sakib
    I completely agree with you, since they live in a remote area, they would not have the same activities with us. In here, we can do as many sports as we want. The place are provided, gears and clothes are also provided. But there, they barely have a simple ball to play with. That's more likely what I can think about.

  5. @ Erblina
    I agree, there are no schools in those remote areas. If they can't get the education, how can they even survive the modern place such as in Queens. I believe that they will most likely to live the same way, if no one is there helping them.

  6. 1. When a person lives in a place , it’s hard to move to another place, because if you move, you need to start everything again and get use to the place.
    2. Today is very cold. Our parents go outside to find food for us. We feel so cold, because I don’t have enough clothes on. My parents can’t buy that for us. I’m trying to image I have something to eat and I can go to school with my brother. That makes me feel better.
    3. Every day we have breakfast to eat and go to school. Also the warm clothes in here. after school, we do the homework and play some computer games.
    4. No, I don’t have same thing for a real day. compare to it, I feel so lucky and happy, because every day we don’t need to worry about daily life.

  7. It affects our lives by how the environment is around us. It depends on how the climate is for example here in NY there different types of climates and each season we need to wear different clothing as if it’s in the winter we need to keep the houses warm as possible so we don’t get sick from time to time. We need to consider our health in control and much more.
    Today it’s 5:55 noon. I’m in Afghanistan it’s kind of chill but it’s my favorite time of the year where it’s not too cold nor too hot it’s in between I’m enjoying my time fully as it is. Although I’m not really living the good life as most people are. I’m very hungry and I still don’t know where and when I will find something to feed myself, but I am enjoying it anyway. I am wearing a pale robe and a veil that covers my head, it’s traditional to keep our veil on every time except when we are going to bed or when we are in our house. I have a lot of friends, we have fun together all the time, we always think of going to school one day, because our parents can’t afford to pay school for us. I don’t know how to read, I would love to learn how to read one day. It would be the best time of my life.
    Clearly its 11:18 right now I am at the school’s library. In my favorite class which is human rights class it’s the best class ever I enjoy each day I go to it, I did not like it at first probably because it didn’t give myself the chance to like the subject and the teacher, now she has inspire me so much to do more than I can ever imagine of doing. I’ve already ate breakfast, it’s not so cold today but it’s raining right now, I still wear my jacket though because I don’t like the cold so much, I like myself to be warmed so I don’t get sick. I spend my time reading and writing to me it’s the most fun thing to do, I am very quiet and peaceful when it comes to my reading and writing time, it’s my passion I rather read a million pages of book instead of going out to party.

    My days are very much different here where I am now than the days back to Afghanistan, because I can go to school here and it’s free but back there it’s expensive to go attend to school. And I’ve eaten early and pretty much everything I wish to have here. And my mind is free and more comfortable.

  8. 1. Where people lives can affect people’s life a lot. For example, a Asian country always rain for whole year, people live there usually plan paddy rice, and eat it, because other plans can’t survive on such climate.
    2. If I live in Afghanistan, I have a lot food can’t eat, because of people’s religion there. Also, I will wear so carefully, not like in U.S. , I can wear whatever I like. I afraid of my safe, because where I live is very dangerous.
    3. I eat different kind of foods in America, I have my choice. Also, I can wear whatever I like, I hang out with my friends many times.
    4. Totally different, safer and have a lot freedom.

  9. @ lovely 100% agree because the environment around us do affect us in our life. Plays a major role to shape it. By the way writing the time their right now was very innovative

  10. 1.Where we live affects our lives. There are some topics that affects our lives. For example, climate is a way that affects our lives. Depending on the situations of the climate we adapt to it. Nature doesn’t measure its consequences. Earthquakes or global warming can make a lot of damage to our lives. It can be left disasters that will affect even our future lives.
    2.If I were be living in Afghanistan or Pakistan I will be exploring a lot of new things and customs. I will be wearing clothes which cover all my body. Even if is hot I won’t be able to take them out because people in there see as a sin to dress like we dress in America. I will be eating spicy food which I am not used to it. Finally, I would like to take advantage of my trip to there and help as most children as possible by teaching them new things.
    3.My life here is busy. I go to school every day. Afterschool I go to my tennis practice. Then I go to home to do my homework. On weekends for fun I watch movies or I do community service. Also I hang out with my friends. And according to clothing, I wear clothes appropriate to each season. According to food I sometimes cook Ecuadorian food.
    4.My days are different because here I have different activities to do. In others words I have a routine. In Pakistan or Afghanistan, I don’t know the places and there is just one activity that I can enjoy which is teaching new staff to children. According to clothing and food is different because my own culture is different to them.

  11. It affects in many ways where a person lives. One of them is the location. People who live in places where all the four seasons happen are more likely to be ready to get enough sources to get warm in winter, or to be cold in summer, while people who just have one season are more able to stay as they live. These people don’t have the worries of any climate changes. Also people are affected where they live because of their vegetation. People who live in dessert wouldn’t have enough food to survive as people who live in places where there is a lot of vegetation. People would be adapted to get enough food to survive.

    Today is Monday. Now it is 9 p.m. As always I woke up at 7 a.m. My father had bought the Afghanistan Times Newspaper. It is very sad. A lot of fights are happening in my country. My family decided to get ready if any attack would happen because of our civil war that we are having. In the morning we didn’t eat because my mom couldn’t cook anything. The place where we store our food is empty. In the afternoon we did eat. My mom and my twelve brothers went to work, while I stayed at home with my two little sisters taking care of them. My father went again to the protest to fight for jobs. At night we didn’t eat anything because we ate all the food in the afternoon. Now I am sick just like my two little sisters are. I hope tomorrow there will be some food in the morning.

    Today is Monday. Now it is 9p.m. As always I woke up at 7a.m. to get ready for school. In the morning I didn’t eat because I was running late, but at school we had breakfast. I think live was ok for me. My mom and dad are working and they always give me what ever I ask them. Today after school, I went to play soccer with my friends, and it was awesome. Later we went to McDonalds to eat something and have fun. In the night my mom cooked a delicious seafood meal. And right now I am going to sleep. I hope there is something fun to do tomorrow.

    Our lives are very different. While I am having fun, these young people are suffering a lot. They are starving, while I have a lot of food. These people are fighting for their hunger. Many of them are sick, because they don’t have the enough food and water. And I have so many, that I am throwing away.

    by daniel..xD

  12. @ wei wei i agree the surrounding around us affect of life a lot starting from food to clothes eventually the way of leaving. Even though as a Asian you have knowledge about the continent but the condition in the Afghanistan and in Pakistan are different than that.

  13. Where we live affect our lives. because here in New York City things are different than other places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are four seasons; there is not a desert, not too hot like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because the four seasons our lives are different than Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can’t dress because especially in December it freezing here and you have to dress warm or you’ll get sick. If I was living in Afghanistan or Pakistan my life won’t be the same because it too hot there not enough school , parent don’t have enough money to send their kids in school, I would not have a good education like I do right now, things would be more harder for me. living here in New York my life is way better because I got school and I’m having a good education in one of the best schools in the country, things are more easier here because anything you looking you can get it . My days here are different children of my age in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because here I have school, getting good education and enjoying little things that I have. Children who live Afghanistan or Pakistan their lives are harder than me because they don’t get to go in school well some of them. Here my sister can go to school, but there girls can’t attend school and people are living in fear over hope, well here we living in hope over fear.

  14. 1, People have to adapt the place where he lives no matter how that place is. So people should change his life. If you are living in a mountain then the transportation would be worse than other place. Also, if you are living in a place where have lots of rivers than you may use boat as transportation.
    2 Today is the same day as others. The weather is kind of dry today. I was helping my father do some work at morning. And in the afternoon, I was playing games with my friends.
    3 I get up at 7 a clock today because I have school to go. I ate lunch at school, and the school is finished at 3 a clock. Then I watched movie at home and chat with my friends at night.
    4. Here have a better condition. It makes the life much easy than Afghanistan

  15. @ Heng Liang;
    I agree with your answer to first question. It's hard to move to another place and start everything again. It's like we are born again.
    It's good you appreciate all the advantages we have in this country. :)

  16. Pakistan is a small country in southern Asia. It is near the equator. So the temperature there can get really hot! In central Pakistan the summers can get up to 120°F. Also they only get 10 inches of rain a year! They eat crops,but the water isn’t enough for the crops to grow. There are many dams built to save up the water. They eat a lot of vegetables like eggplant, cauliflower, and peas. Their bread is very flat. It is called Nan. For drinks they have water and strong tea.Their houses usually are one floor.
    If my life in Pakistan, my life would be interesting.I can eat a lot of food that I have never eaten and I like now.I think there is very few water,so they don’t eat rice.I can try a new main food.I would like to try to wear western style clothes. I don’t know why they wear these clothes.Something is same because I tried a lots of new things here.Also,the cloth style in here is different.In my country, I can go to beach because it is near the sea.In Pakistan I can do that, too.But the difference of temperature is too big, I don’t like it.
    By Yanyan Xia

  17. Afghanistan is variously described as being located within South Asia Central Asia and sometimes Western Asia (or the Middle East). It lies between latitudes 29°and 39° N, and longitudes 60° and 75° E. Afghanistan's highest point is Nowshak, at 7,485 m (24,557 ft) above sea level. The climate varies by region and tends to change quite rapidly. Large parts of the country are dry, and fresh water supplies are limited. The endorheic Sistan Basin is one of the driest regions in the world.Plant life in Afghanistan is sparse but diverse. Common trees in the mountains are evergreens, oaks, poplars, wild hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios. The plains of the north are largely dry, treeless steppes, and those of the southwestern corner are nearly uninhabitable desertsAfghanistan's economy is recovering from decades of conflict. The economy has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 largely because of the infusion of international assistance, the recovery of the agricultural sector, and service sector growth. Despite the progress of the past few years, Afghanistan is extremely poor, landlocked, and highly dependent on foreign aid, agriculture, and trade with neighboring countries. Much of the population continues to suffer from shortages of housing, clean water, electricity, medical care, and jobs. Expanding poppy cultivation and a growing opium trade generate roughly $4 billion in illicit economic activity and looms as one of Kabul's most serious policy concerns. Other long-term challenges include: budget sustainability, job creation, corruption, government capacity, and rebuilding war torn infrastructure. I don’t want to live in Afghanistan because there is so hot and dry. But women should wear The Traditional in Afghanistan is really unique and beautiful. Okay, I am really wanted to wear the women clothes. I could eat rice and drink water, but I know water is very important and few.I think I will stay home or maybe go to school. In Afghanistan, women are unfair with men. So I guess my parents will not let me go to school. Maybe I should work at home.

  18. To Erblina,
    I like what you write in question 2, and it’s so real. I can image how a Pakistan people’s life.

    To Heng,
    Yeah, I have same kind of feeling just like you, we are lucky man, and we have to help people who needs.

  19. well done Jeannette that so true above all you may not attend school even worst you might not know how to play tennis:)

  20. 1) The effect depends in the place where you live for example if you live in the city you can have more health problems like asthma, cáncer because of the Co2 and pollution from factories, but if you live far away from the city you can have a good healthy and also you csn live more years.
    Today’s in Pakistan, people can sick easily because most of the population don’t have accsess to potable water .

    2) Hello my name is Jose, and I am native from pakistan, Today I am going to work in ther agricultura because this is the job that I like it because most of my friend and neighbors like agricultura and also with this job I can buy some aliments for my family. Life here is not easy becuase wse don’t have acces to potable wáter, that’s the main reason why my kids get sick.

    3) My life now is very happy because I have easily acces to buy any food and drink potable wáter and also If I get sick I can go to the doctor and get some medicines. Also I can go to school and have a good life.

    4) Are different because here, everyday I can experiment something new and meet new people but If I was in Pakistan my routine everyday is going to be the same just work and work and work to get some Money for my family.

  21. 1. How does where one lives affect how one lives? (be sure to think about location, climate, soil, vegetation, animal life, human interaction)
    By living surrounded by desert, forest and hills as in Pakistan can bring difficulties with transportation even lack of transportation in some areas. Another problem that brings this kind of geography is the weather, Pakistan’s climate varies from tropical to temperate with arid conditions. The lack of water can bring healthy problems and diseases. It also cause that the lack of fertile in the earth this means that there can’t be vegetation.

    2. Write a journal entry of an imaginary day in your life in Afghanistan or Pakistan. What would your day be like? Think about what you eat, what you wear, what you do for fun.
    My first day in Pakistan was terrible. It was too hot and it was too difficult to get some water. I have to learn how to distribute the water I have , so I can cover all my necessities. The warm climate was killing me , I felt the sun burning me, I was wearing a thin t-shirt and a short , but even like that I was sweating a lot. During the afternoon I’d been playing the sitar ( kind of guitar ) to get some fun. But I was still boring.
    3. Do the same thing now for a real day in your life here.
    During the morning I wake up to go to school, I ate some breakfast before I leave , to get some energy at the school, then I walked some blocks to get the train after 15 minutes I got to school. The day was great it was kind of hot but at the same time windy. It was great. During the lunch I ate pizza and I got a cold water bottle. After school I went to play soccer with some friends. And during the night I’d been watching TV until I fall slept .

    4. How are your days different or the same?
    They are totally different, the lack of transportation, water, the extreme hot in Pakistan can make the life hard.

  22. 1) The things that most affect at me were the environment, the transportation.
    The environment because in my country sometimes the weather is hot or sometimes is a little cold but is not as here so when I arrived to USA was very difficult for me because in December the weather is very cold and I have to wear a lot clothes and that was very uncomfortable for me that’s why.
    The transportation was another fact that I felt bad I when I arrived to USA because in Ecuador we don’t have any kind of train much less the subways so when I needed to came to school was very difficult for me because I needed to took the train and I have no experience in that so that’s why I felt very estrange in this country USA.

    2) I have not idea how Pakistan is but I can imagine one day in that country and I think that my day will be terrific because I don’t know anything about there but also will be like an adventure because I can get a lot information about that country and also and also I can get experience that learn different languages is very important for us.

    3) Even this is not my country but I will feel more comfortable in USA because I know that a lot people know Spanish so that can help me in many ways so my life in this country will be better than in Pakistan because in Pakistan we have to wear a lot clothes and almost cover all my body and that will be stifling.

    4) My days will be different because in USA is different kind of whether and there are different kids of clothes that I have to wear and also the food will be different because I don’t know how is the food in Pakistan and also I don’t if that food like me so that’s why I think that my days will be different in both countries

  23. Silvia

    1. we all the people are used to live in our native countries we are used to live our own lives , our climate , our family and friends and a change for other place can really affect our lives because you are leaving all your life and you have to used to life a new life.

    2.another day a day that is same to all the days where I have to try to find a way to can survive. Each day is same without food , no clothes no home ,without any happiness.

    3.A new day living in US it is great , I feel so happy because I going to school, I have every thing ,enough food, clothes and home It is nice I feel so lucky.

    4. my days are so different here in US I have enough things to survive. There are goods conditions to improve our lives. I would like to see the same in all the places where people can have the happiness.

  24. From Sangjukta To Dipro
    its a nice explanation u have put. you were so specific about how life is different from there and here....

  25. 1) A person who has been in a certain place, living there, for a long period of time most often get attached to that place and would want to stay there for quite some time or even until they die. Getting used to the environment and the people around. It just doesn’t affect that certain person but the whole place as well. It wouldn’t be the same without the same person you were used to be with.
    2) Today, I’m on my way to school on a regular Monday. Freezing day where my clothes are not appropriate for the season. At school, we are learning in a very open place where we are exposed to the cold and it really makes me uncomfortable. I‘m not sure if were going to be eating today because I heard my mom said we might not have food to eat for today so I‘m going to hold it for a while.
    3) today was a very normal day, waking up in the morning to go prepare for school. At school hangout with friends, learn new things and take a few tests that I have no idea that we actually learned. After school, I had to go to my volleyball practice for 2 to 3 hours and go home to freshen up, do homework while listening to music and go to bed.
    4) Obviously, it was totally different. I was able to have a kind of luxury and advantage that looks normal here but for them, it could be something extra ordinary. I was able to have a education the right and best way possible, waking up in the morning and sleeping at night without worrying about what I will eat for the rest of the day, and being able to play sports for free while they don’t even have the right clothes.

  26. Different location has different climate which causes different climate. Different climate live with different animals and vegetation. Pakistan and Afghanistan are both in a high altitude area. Their life is surrounded by mountains and the transportation are bad, which cause them to travel by horse ,trucks, and jeeps. If I live in Afghanistan or Pakistan, I will become very uncomfortable, because I afraid of cold. I will wear like a bear. Also, I can not shower for a week or a months. Sleep will be the best "exercise" for me. My life will change. I won't open my computer when I come back. There no Internet for me. What I eat will be different, I may try to eat Afghanistan or Pakistan food. I know that Pakistan food are pretty good.

  27. Dear Christ,

    I agree will you. I will wear like a bear and ride a horse to travel.

  28. 1. Where one lives affects every aspect of their lives. For example, people who live in areas such as Rwanda in Africa where it is high in violence or crime are most likely not to have big houses or fast sport cars, nor good food and clean water. People living in under develop countries or cities such as Rwanda and War-torn, Iraq are in constant struggle to provide for their families, to get a good education, and get health care. Now, people living in wealthy places won’t have problems providing for their families, nor would they feel unsafe walking down their streets late at night. People have to adapt to whatever environment they happen to live or be born in. This is unfortunate for people who happen to live in under developed communities.

    2. I’m a Muslim living in Afghanistan, this would mean, every day I’m required to pray 5 times during the day. I’m also required to be fully clothed according to the culture, wearing a veil over my head and clothes that covers most of my body. I’m also required to obey what is known as the 5 pillars of the Muslim faith they are guidelines or rules every Muslim is required to live by.
    March 2011
    Today as always was a tough day for me with Allah’s life I know one day things will be better. I spent my day cooking, cleaning the house and had to accompany my brother to the market to help to sell eggs. That was my day, tomorrow the same thing again.

    3. Living in New York City, I wake up in the morning I take a nice hot shower, I brush my teeth and I eat a good breakfast. I’m entitled to wear whatever I chose and I head off to school. The public schools are free, and in school I’m offered breakfast and lunch free of charge. For fun after school, my friends and I wonder around the school or around the city sitting in parks laughing and talking at all the time. After that I go home and I mostly cook and wash the dishes when it’s my turn to do so. Then do my homework while watching TV.

    4. Our days are definitely different, because I don’t live in Afghanistan I won’t know exactly what a teenager girl would go through. At the same time with the information provided on the internet, I know our daily lives are different. Under state laws I’m obligated to attend school every day, over in Afghanistan it is not a law, it is a privilege. Over here in the states I can wear anything I want but over in Afghanistan this is not the case. I have to dress according to the culture otherwise they’ll be consequences. It is saddening how everyone was born with nature rights, yet others depending on where they happen to be born are stripped of these nature rights.

  29. 1. When Someone lives in one area, he really get familiar to it. He gets used to that environment, and the kind of food. Moving to another place might be very difficult, as example of my own experience as an immigrant in the USA, from the languages to the kind of food, and the way people act, everything was different and hard.

    2. Today, again I woke up at the same usual time, with my feet frozen again, I slept in the house but it felt like I slept right outside with no blanket on. I have to wash the little dishes we have. I hope and pray that the teacher will come today, so I can learn a little more. I am a very strong person that's why that wound that I have on my left leg, don't weaken me. I have to wait until next month that the doctor come take a look at it. I need to get better soon so I can go hunt and work with my dad. I always think about how life is behind those mountains, and that blue sky. I hope a better day will come for us one day, but until then my family and I have to manage to stay alive.

    3. Another regular day in New York City, today is Saturday which means there is no school for me. I woke up at 10 o'clock and played on my x-box 360 until 3.30 in the afternoon . Then I went out with some friends to the mall, to have fun, and later on we went to the park play basketball, since the weather is nice out there. I got home around 8PM and dinner was ready 30 minutes later. I just love my mother's food, she always takes her time to cook and her food is so great. Tomorrow will probably be the same, hopefully GOD keeps me alive until then.
    4. Here I can go to school and have everything at my disposition in my school to learn, while in Afghanistan I didn't have the simple luxury to have a teacher to help me. I can eat here whenever and however I want, thing I couldn't in Afghanistan, also I have access to good heat during the winter time. What's similar is that my family is always there to support me.

  30. @ erblina, I agree to what you said.

  31. 1) When a person lives in one area, it becomes very difficult to move to another because they get used to that place and they don’t want to start another life somewhere else.
    2)I don’t have worm clothes to wear I eat the same food almost everyday because we cant afford to cook different dishes everyday.
    3)No because conditions therwe are different.
    4)The way of living, the food, the laws in a word everything

  32. The habitats are difficult to change. One place we lived we cell it home, but the home may will changed when something came or some people came. Then the habitats, religion, culture and soil may become different. Pakistan and Afghanistan are one example of this statement. Today is my very special day for living on Pakistan. I have begin to go to school. I even cant image it. Mr. Greg bring a school to us.