Friday, May 17, 2013

Week of May 21 and beyond, Our Human Rights Final

EES22QHR Final Exam Spring 2013

  • For your final exam for EDU, you will work in teams to create an advertising campaign, promoting human rights.
  • This is a chance for you to be creative and let your inner-activist shine!
  • Please read the options below, or create your own idea and talk about it with me.
  • You will be graded using the rubric below.


  • Artwork (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.) with a typed explanation of the art and how it is promoting human rights
  • Subway poster for human rights, using text, images, quotes, drawings, symbols, etc.
  • A song, that you perform for the class, with a typed lyric sheet (I will copy it for everyone)
  • A poem that you read to the class, with a typed sheet (I will copy it for everyone)
  • A graphic story (cartoon) promoting human rights
  • A slide show or short film promoting human rights
  • A skit about human rights with a typed script

  • Follow the conventions of standard written English.  In other words, watch your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proofread!
  • Make sure your work clearly promotes human rights
  • Make sure your refer to the UDHR.
  • You must pick an aspect of human rights you care about.
  • You must include facts/statistics about this human right.

Human Rights Project Final Rubric

Group Members’ Names: __________________________  Topic_________________________________
Type of Project: _______________________________

Possible Points
Your score
  • Do you promote human rights?
  • Is your presentation persuasive and convincing?
  • Do you include facts/statistics about human rights?
  • Do you refer to the UDHR?
·      10
·      10
·      10
·      10

  • Is your presentation dynamic and informative and interesting?
  • Is it presented in a creative way?
·      10
·      10

  • Did you all do your best?
  • Did all members of the group work equally?
·      10
·      10

  • Is your work proofread
  • Is it neat and visually pleasing?
·      10
·      10

Total score

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