Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week of Feb 7, Manhattan Theater Club

This week we will be visited by Stephanie Allston of the Manhattan Theater Club. She will be helping us to prepare for our visit to see The Whipping Man.

This play was reviewed recently in The New York Times. The playwright also discussed the play in this video.

Please click on the four links above to learn more about the organization, the play, and the review of the play.

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  1. What do you think this play is about?

  2. How do you feel about going to see this play?

  3. What is the connection between this play and our human rights class?

  4. What questions do you have for the playwright and/or the actors? (create at least three)

Once you have done this, please read your classmates' posts and respond to at least one person.


  1. I think that this play is going to be very interesting because it shows us how difficult it was to live during and the civil war. The three actors were Jewish and as we know there was a wide sense of discrimination and prejudice against them. According to the books that I have read ,I have learned that Jews had always had a very difficult time trying to survive. I have never seen a play about Jews and I think that this is going to be a great opportunity for me to learn more about them.

    By: Erblina Aga

  2. 1. What do you think this play is about?
    It is about people who fight for they freedom.
    2. How do you feel about going to see this play?
    I feel about this play very excited because we will learn about history of the slavery which is important
    3. What is the connection between this play and our human rights class?
    Its connected to our class in many waves because in our class we fight for human rights and they freedom just like in the play

    4. What questions do you have for the playwright and/or the actors?
    (create at least three)
    How did you feel when you played in this play?
    What theme you learn from this theme?
    Did you like to act this play when you saw the descript ?

    By Alisher Guseynov and Weifeng Wu

  3. 1. The story is about three men, one is a soldier and the other two are African-American slaves who are almost freed. They all Believe in the Jewish religion and lived by post civil war era.
    2. I feel that this play will be interesting because mostly, in schools and history classes, we rarely talk about African American jews during civil war and we focus more on just African Americans being just slaves and how it was abolished.
    3. The connection between this class and the play is that we as a human being, we have the right to be free from slavery and choose any religion we want to without experiencing any type of prejudice and discrimination.
    4. What is the writer’s inspiration in making this play? How long did they prepare making such show?

    By: Syrone Salvador

  4. I think the play is about the slavery, how hard life was on them.
    I’m really happy because I’m going to see how the slave was living.
    In our human rights class our main job is to fight for the rights of everyone
    My question what would they do to stop slavery?

  5. Well, as far as I learned from the review and the video from NY times that this play is about black rights to be more specific to free the black slaves. Even the time period of the movie which is set in 1865, when the civil rights movement was going on. But it’s extra special because the slaves were Jew too. And as we know during that time Christians had a negative view on Jew similar to the view of the white people on black slave. So I am excited to see it because so far the story sounds really interesting. And at the same time it has to do our Human rights class because the 1st human right is to be equal and free. And being a slave breaks it, along with many other human rights. If I had to ask question I would ask like (1). What inspire the writer to write about these topics? (2). How did the actor feel to perfume this character and (3) what he thinks would happen to him if he was real?
    RaHaT sAkIb

  6. It's a good play, about Jewsih African American which happen during the slavery era. The African American learn about Judism from their master who are Jews. I could not wait to see this incredible play and i'm hoping that i'm able to get more information about it. In our human rights class, we learn many things about freedom of each person, and i'm thinking that the freedom at this time was not yet established. After reading the article and watching the clip, I have few question. How do the actors feel about the African American's rights? Do they even think about it during the play? If this happen now, would they do the same thing? These questions can't stop popping out in my mind.

    Christian and Check

  7. I think this play is about human rights. which they kind of making a further thought of what will eventually happen in the future, by comparing the life then and now. For example will there be any slavery or not?. I am feeling pretty exited about the play and I can’t wait to see it. The connection between this play and our human rights class is that we are all very much against violence and we strongly believe in human rights.

    My question would possibly be for the actors. How would you try to stop these violences if you were in their place for those who have been abused?

  8. Dear,Erblina i'm sure that this play going be a lot of fun and we will lern many new things about history

  9. Every play has created based on different story. The play named, “The Whipping Man” is very interesting topic for the present generation to research on because this play is bringing the story of the event that happened after the Civil war movements. This was created and has the setting which is 1965. It shows a Jews family where the slaves were adopted to be Jewish. This was really important to watch because it reminds us our pasts and also apply strategies in our today’s life. So in my opinion, the point of the whole play was to bring the past to the present and let us know the life they lived in that time. I feel curious seeing this play to learn more about the time and about the people’s lives back In that time. The whole play shows how human rights were constantly abused. Because of the fact I didn’t watch the whole movie, I got a question on my mind which is- how did they reacted when they had to tolerate all the abuses of their human right?

  10. 1.I think this play is about how the human tried to get their human rights in the past.
    2.I feel so excited about going to see this play.
    3.They all about the human rights.By this play,we can know hou the human rights were developed to now.
    4.One:How did they to get their rights?
    Two.:What happened about them?
    Three:What is the serect?

    Yanyan Xia

  11. @Guy From Chris

    We will go to see the play! :)
    I just don't think that people all around the world will stop slavery. Most of us will, but not all of them, that's why we have to educate them

  12. This play is about slavery during Civil War (1865). What they want to show us is how people back then suffered. They might show examples of how they were tortured.
    We feel appreciated by being invited to go there because we will learn more about slavery.
    This play is supporting human rights by showing people how freedom was lacked during this time.
    We want to ask the actors how they feel when they feel tortured.

    By: Jeannette Neto and Wenyu Liu

  13. Dear'Erblina i think that you right we going to lern many things in this class
    by ALISha

  14. Dear Erblina and syrone I think it going to be great I can’t wait to see it too

  15. I think this play will be about slave life before the civil war. The three actors were Jewish and they are trying to tell us about their slave life. I am much exited to watch this play. It’s also directly connected to our U.D.H.R. I think it will be a great chance for me to learn more about slave life and civil war.

  16. I think that this play is about a talking of hope to the end of slavery, because according to the review of The New York Times it says that the time of The Whipping Man is in 1865 (13th amendment: Abolition of slavery). I am feeling very interested, because we are going to see some history of how do people felt around those times. The connection of this play and our human rights class is the relationship of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those people fought for their rights, and in our class we are learning the rights that belong to every single human being. I would like to ask the actors how they feel about playing a role of slaves. Also, I would like to ask how many time did it took to create The Whipping Man?

  17. @Sakib From Sangjukta
    i like your comment. it was interesting how you have made connection between christrian vs, Jews and whites vs. black.
    like you i think the movie is special for me to see because in the movie the slaves were jews which will be totally new history about slaves that we are going to learn :)

  18. @ sangjukta i'm glad that you thought that my comment was interesting and i'm looking forward to the movie for the same reason because it's like double trouble!!!
    and also your question was real interesting because the had to take whatever came to them with out any question!!!

  19. 1. I think that the play will be about how slavery was at that time.
    2. I am exiting because I will learn about slavery and the owner’s behavior.
    3. I think it is related about that we fight for the right of the people because they have to be respected.
    4. How will you change the past about slavery if you have an opportunity to do it.

  20. 1) I think this play is about people," black people " who suffered bad treatments by other people " white people ".
    2) I feel very good and excited because we can understand more better how was the life as a slave and the how the faced their problems.
    3) Is conected because in our class we learned that we are equal and we have to fight for our rights and in the play this slave also fight and want their freedom.
    4) How do you feel when you act as a slavery?
    If you have the power to change the past, what would you like to change?
    how you prepare to make this show possible?

  21. The play is going to be about how is the relationship between two former slaves and the owner, what kind of situtiations they all had to went through and the different problems they must face. Before seeing the play i felt very excited because i really like to go to the theater, plus slavery was a topic i found very interesting. The connection is that we will analyze how during this time African American slaves were treated unfairly and they had no voice in the society, they were taken their freedom and rights away. I would like to know why the play writer chose this topic for the play, form where he took the inspiration, and how long did it took to finally finish the play.
    -Crystel Cabrera