Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week of February 2-4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the EDU2-05 blog! Here you will find news about our class, links to organizations we work with, and upcoming events and assignments.

This week you must get your community service placement set and if you are new, write your buddy, create a bio poem, and bring in a photo. See the links below if you are not sure what to do or if you need instructions/forms.

This is going to be a great term and I look forward to working with you all!

Ms Mann


  1. 1) I think the play is about the slavery, how hard life was on them.
    2) I’m really happy because I’m going to see how the slave was living.
    3) In our human rights class our main job is to fight for the rights of everyone
    4) My question what would they do to stop slavery?

  2. kamy and angie lopez

    1. I think the play is about how being a slave is hard and how freedom is important for slaves. Also how the slaves have the hope that one day they’ll be free.
    2. We are very excited to watch this play because teaches how life was like during the civil war.
    3. The connection between this play and our class is that we both want slaving to stop and how those people’s rights are being violated.
    4. How do you feel acting as a slave?

  3. 1. I think that the play will be about how slavery was at that time.
    2. I am exiting because I will learn about slavery and the owner’s behavior.
    3. I think it is related about that we fight for the right of the people because they have to be respected.
    4. How will you change the past about slavery if you have an opportunity to do it.

  4. 1. I think that the play will be about how slave in owner's family.
    2. I am happy because this is my first time to watch a play.
    3. I think it is related about no matter what, we need to fight for our right.
    4. How will you change the past about slave's life?