Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week of October 27, Continuing our Human Rights Exploration

Hi everyone,

Today we will continue to visit very important websites for human rights:

Please visit the websites below and do the following:
  1. Teaching Tolerance - visit the whole website, , especially their magazine page - click on one back issue of the magazine and read an article from it.
  2. Youth for Human Rights - visit the whole website and watch the film "The History of Human Rights" on the home page
  3. Not in our Town - visit the whole website and especially the Newcomers High School page,
In Google Docs, please answer the questions below:
  1. Please write what you learned from each website.
  2. How can you use these websites for yourself?
  3. Which website was your favorite and why?
Now paste your answers into the comments section of our blog. Then respond to two other students' blogs and tell them what you liked about their post.


  1. 1.Teaching Tolerance- After i read this website, i notice that this website is also create the magazine. I read the story about Hutterites ,they are the pacifist.300 years ago, they faced hatred and bigotry in Europe, and that is just because their beliefs. And now they are being together in western Canada and northern US, work and treat others just like brothers and sisters, but they do encourage the outsiders to join.
    2.Youth For Human Rights- This is a very interesting website. And it is my favorite website! In this website , you can watch a lot of videos about human rights. The videos are visual and make you easier to understand. Anyway, it is a wonderful, helpful website.
    3.Not In Our Town- This website is work for having a safety world, and also communities. And i learn that nothing is impossible, if you want to try. If you are suffering discrimination, speak out about it , if you do not against, discrimination existing forever. But if you do, there is a chance.

  2. 1.Teaching Tolerance- After i read this website, i notice that this website is also create the magazine. by looking at this website i realize that there is a lot of people taking care of others not only in the united states but in other countries like in cuba.

    2.Youth For Human Rights. i learned how to help others, how give with out taking back. i also see what the situation of my country is and what are the conditions in my opinion this is a great web site because we got the chance to see and search things about our countries human rights organizations. Also i think this wed site is a good way of showing the people what they can do to help others in their countries. I’m happy i found this website cause now it is going to be better for me to for me to search about my country .

    Not In Our Town. is great website beacuse work for having a safety world, and also communities. And i learn that nothing is impossible, if you want to try. If you are suffering discrimination.

  3. 1.Teaching Tolerance: This website is good and useful because we can see stories or articles that people write about this and learn how to be tolerant with people around us, no only tolerance also respect people. I saw that there’s a magazine on the page. This is good because we can learn and read many things by looking at this web page.

    2.Youth For Human Rights: This website is very important and it is my favorite because it shows us all the rights we have, it is an easy way to understand every single right. Also it shows us the meaning of human rights. People in general can see examples of their rights by watching the videos.

    3.Not In Our Town: This website is important because it’s working in order to make the world safer, this shows us how important human rights are for us. Always there’s a chance to fight for our rights and fight against discrimination and all the problems we have.

  4. I loved to read the article, “How School Taught Me I Was Poor”. I just think in the difficult time that this boy passed during many years just because of his family social class. I think that this is unfair, it doesn’t matter the place where we are from, the most important thing is our heart, our feelings and people really don’t care about it. It is sadly to see how children began to segregate and parents don’t say anything. The worst thing is that there are many children that has to pass this situation everyday.

    Youth for Human Rights, waooo what a wonderful web site! In this web site we can learn very well all the rights and also, the history of human rights by some videos. It is fantastic to know all about the rights that we all humans have, and it is something very serious that many of us don’t know the rights that belong to us.

    “Not in Our Town” it is a pleasure to see that there are some organizations to help and keep a safety environment. We can’t give up, as Marcelo Lucero’s brother we have to fight for our rights, and help others to know about them.

  5. Teaching tolerance has lots of articles which is very interesting. One of the article that I read was from Spring 2007 - We don’t need Special Powers to Make a Difference. This article is quite interesting because it seems like someone is telling the story. It flows by itself. It even has lots of step of how to begin making a difference in human rights. I don’t think that these steps are hard to follow.

    Youth for Human Rights also a very interesting website. In this website, we could check out videos which is easier to understand. I love this website more than the others. The videos provided explain more than articles from another website. I personally prefer to watch videos than reading articles.

    Not in Our Town is a great website, but it’s not as exciting as Youth for Human Rights. This website taught us not to give up. We could fight against hate by doing a very small thing and become an example for others. There’s nothing more beautiful than peace.

  6. @Wensi: I totally agree with you! I also like the video from Youth for Human Rights. It help us understand a lot about rights.

    @Yasmani: Teaching tolerance give us lots of information that we need. I agree with you.

  7. Teaching tolerance :

    What makes this organization different from the other one is that they have a magazine . And I saw that there had their magazines out ever since 1996 it said it was their issue #9 so probably they had more before but they just didn’t show it in the website . Also I watched the video Bullied which was about a student who was gay and was bullied at school . This thing was brought all the way to the court and the case made history . I would like to watch the 40 min documentary if possible since the video that was on the website was just like a trailer .

    Youth for Human Rights :

    This got to be my favorite website of all . The video they had were the best . They were very clear and easy to understand . If I have to pick one that I liked the most , i would choose the documentary “the story of human rights ”. It just gave a good explanation of where human rights came from and I think to be able to fight for human rights we have to know how it started so this video really helped a lot . I think this organization really made their video to get the teens/ youth to know about human rights and they did a great job with it .

    Not in our town :

    This website was very special since it had a lot of videos and letters from the students in our school . I saw the letters that the students wrote for Marcelo Lucero ‘s brother and I read a phew of them . They wrote encouragement words to the family and wrote something about where they were from and also how hard it was for them being an immigrant in a new country . This website kind of have it all from videos to images , articles and more which can be very helpful in the future for research .

  8. 1*..Teaching Tolerance:
    This taught me a lot about how people cares about human rights not just in U.S but all around the word. This show how important is to be tolerant with people and also how many years ago they have been practicing. For me is really important since I learned about because it really touch my heart. Now i also teach how to be more tolerant and let someone teach me more about it.

    2*..Youth For Human Rights:
    I loved it. Is wonderful to watch it instead to read it, because we can watch people’s reaction facing any situation. I think that is more effective to remember what we see than what we read, That’s why this website make me feel very comfortable by using it and learning from it.
    3*..Not In Our Town:
    Wow, this one of my favorites websites, it encourage anyone by watching the film and visiting this website. It teaches that people should not give up before they achieve for what they are fighting for. This website shares feelings that are very important specially for those people that have a similar situation as that one.

  9. Teaching tolerance- What I Learn from this website is that they fight for the rural problems of American in school. They also take a look at the harassment that are online which I think its really good because most of the people go online and do stupid stuff. What I noticed was that their Magazines have a lot of pictures and information about those problems that I said earlier.

    Youth for Human rights- I really love this Website because it is very graphic and really easy to understand.How do they do it? simple , they make videos about human rights that are actually happening to our lives and it is really convincing. The movie was just great , I mean, I was a little bit surprised that some person doesn’t even know what is Human right and what they could describe about it.

    Not in Our town- What I learn from this website was that this group work together to stop hate. They also highlight and celebrate people who have developed creative anti-bias programs and responses. They Also share innovative initiatives, document of positive action,provide guidance to those who are seeking to take stand, and lots of others. It has also a little brochure where I could actually see Marcello Lucero’s brother supporting the group.

  10. @ Wensi: I agree with you too. Its tottally different from other website that I wacthed.

  11. From Owen...

    Teaching tolerance
    This website is super special because it has its own magazines. And the articles on the website are very moral on educating people about human rights. The articles on website encourages people to be tolerant to each other. Lot of articles are writing as stories, which really bring me into the story.

    Youth for Human Rights
    This is an very interesting website. The website used video to explain the Human Rights. And the video on website is very easy to understand, which used true example to help us to understand the theme. Compare to article, I think this website gives us more visual education; and it caught our attentions.
    Not In Our Town
    This website contribute a lot into our society. It promotes the safer community, and educates people to be perseverance. As I know this organization had done a lot things on Marcelo Lucero case. It did not only help to restore the safety of that small area, but also give other place a hope to change their unsafe situation. And also, we immigrants should focus on this website because it contributes us a lot of supports.

  12. Please write what you learned from each website.

    Teaching tolerance: Through this website i learn many things that about human right. As we can see, there are many articles and stories talk about what is human right, and we get more information about this class and human right. This is a extremely useful and important website for every human who lives in the world.
    2.How can you use these websites for yourself?
    youth for human right: I like this website very much, we could watch many videos in this website and these videos help us understand what is human right more deeply.there are 30 human right in the video and we could check which human right don’t we get it. Then we could fight for our human right.
    3.Which website was your favorite and why?
    Not in our town: This is my favorite website, this website not like the other two.this website teach us how to fight for our human right and we can’t obey the unfair rules. We could through fight and change other’s mind and change the unfair rules. If we never fight for our human right, we can’t change our life forever.

  13. Out of these three websites I learned a lot, I got very inspired. I learned that human rights are very important and that they are more than just words written on a paper. Like the video said, human rights start at the most little place which is home. In order for us to move on and have human rights, and protect the ones in need, we all must speak up for our own things. In teaching Tolerance there is a very interesting article which is called “Fighting for Human Rights”, the article is about people being really badly treated, in the Morocco area in Africa. Old women, young women, men etc, they were treated really badly. In the Human Rights Blog, there is a link for newcomers high school, in that blog we can see how students from all different nationalities work together against defamation and for racism to be over, this really shows how much we can do for everything to be okay.My favorite website was the “Youth For Human Rights” because we got to see a very inspiring video about how the human rights were born, and how we can do things to change the world and to put those people that are braking the human rights behind bars. We are all born free and that’s the first human right which a lot of people seem to be lacking.

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  15. 1. Teaching Tolerance.
    I have read one article in Number 40 magazine in fall 2011, named One World in this website. It’s said that there is always some people in a class would be separated, even be discriminated by some unreasonable reasons. And we always hurt someone without mind or on purpose. I think we should learn how to keep friendly to others and respect them. I don’t think there is anyone, as a human, who is so different from us. We all need to be treated equally.

    2. Youth for Human Rights.
    This is one of my favorite website, the videos there are very interesting and show the themes very deep. They can move our heart. By the videos, I saw something we don’t want to see but happens almost every day,there is no choice. But maybe we cannot stop it completely; we should try our best to deal with these problems. We all hope a peaceful world. According to these videos about 30 articles about human rights, we believe we have protection; the only thing we have to do is to follow them. So, let's build a wonderful, happy and peaceful world together!

    3. Not in our Town.
    It is about the safety. People always find some funny pretexts for themselves to do something they want to do that based on hurting others; the most real reason is their own selfishness. I think that the killer does not know how to be a human in this lawful society, the problem is not the poor person who was killed, it because the killer is lock of the knowledge and clear mind of laws and human rights. So we have to learn more about the human rights, to protect ourselves with laws and also protect others.

  16. I am agreeing with Jessica that human rights are very important. Those creative videos in the web motivated my atmosphere to learn more and understand more.

  17. 1. From Teaching Tolerance, on number 39, I learned about the issue of media. The magazine puts an in-depth analysis at how educators use social media to teach social justice. It also says the human side of the complex immigration debate and suggests ways for educators to defuse the issue in class discussions.
    2. From Youth for Human Rights, I have learned about the history of human rights. From hundreds yrears ago, human rights already was a hot topic. People have been focused on this for a long time. In America, the Bill of Rights was a extremely important document about human rights. With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created, the importance of human rights risen. However, it need assistance to make it real,and more effective.
    3. From Not in Our Town, I have learned much more about the human rights. This website explores the issues that are existing around us and the way how people fight for that. For instance, there was a video that showed about how students stood up for issue of bullying. And also, we saw a movie made by Not in Our Town in class, which really moved me a lot. Since that, I realized the movement of human rights can never be stopped. We will always keep fighting for it.

  18. Totally agree with you too Yasmanic; “Nothing is impossible, if you want to try” and if you try your best. We all have experienced from discrimination. And we understand the way it feels. In here, Not In Our Town, I believe “WE CAN FIGHT IT TOGETHER AND STOP IT”.

  19. 4. Teaching tolerance: From this web we can read magazine from different dates and has incredible articles. I choose the article of fall 2011 because it has important articles about fighting for human rights. so I was reading the article about fighting for human rights because is about a woman who fight for rights and she wasn't alone she was with others women. Is so admired because she still fighting after all torture. so this web has a lot of incredible articles that help us to see who and how to fight for human rights.
    5. Youth for human rights: This web is awesome I really love it because has videos and a lot of information about human rights and is perfect to everyone. because the videos are meaningful and get the attention of the public. also in this web I understand more about each one of the human rights and also is good to show in different countries.
    6. Not in our town: this web is important because it helps us to keep going and never give up for our rights is amazing see some organization that show us how we can start to make a change.also it is really emotional to see the video about Marcelo Lucero. and our school their helping.

  20. * Teaching Tolerance.
    When I visited this website I noticed that they make magazines, they have many editions with good topics, one topic that i really liked was “Why I Teach” and it was a really interesting story because is talks about how teachers get their inspiration to continue teaching, they know about the lost of children who live in very bad conditions in their home and how there are also lots of children who don’t have the opportunity to study, this story really inspired me a lot, also i realized that this website has lot of stories about this country specially but it talks about different cultures too. I could use this website to see how our country has been improving, what changes it made and what problems still need to solve.
    *Youth For Human Rights.
    I don’t really have word for this page, this is simply awesome. I already recommended this page to many persons. This page basically talks about our human rights but in an easy way because it has many videos which tell you very clearly what are they about. We watched the video about the 30 human rights and I really liked it a lot. I could use this video for teaching, as I said I already showed this video to my little sister and she really enjoyed it and is not going to forget it. Definitely this one is my favorite page.
    *Not In Our Town.
    This is a website which talks about hate, discrimination and racism that exists in our society and in our country, it is a organization which is trying to help to abolish this kind of problems that is destroying our society and our union between cultures. It also give us examples about how can we help in our society or community and also tell us stories about how people is helping to this organization and to their community. I could use this website to get stories very interesting and read them as an example of how people in the United States are changing in a good way for their country.

  21. Anamaria I totally agree with you, Youth For Human Rights offers many videos in which you can get a good idea about what are human rights, I really liked the videos and I hope that this organization could still getting bigger and better.

  22. I read the number 30 fall 2010,there are many little story about the teachers.well, by reading the stories, i knew there are something special in the rural schools. And this site helps us know better about the life in the non-modern environment. They have a magazine only about rural education. It is very nice thing .and we should support it by read more about it!2, we watched the video together ,that really attracted me. The funny picture and the clear definition of the human right. It talked about the history how human rights developed and the effort people work on human rights. By watched that video, i know that not everyone are enjoy the human rights what we are not really care in our daily life. That make me feel bad . But i know ,we the youth will change the world.3.i think this is the site we heard the most ,and we watch the videos in class. Actually, i think the youth for human rights is more interesting .in their site, i think they do concern more ,but those questions are kind of too big for us to think about.. I will like to do work with site, but i will less enjoy than i do things with youth for human rights site.

  23. 1. Teaching Tolerance- After I read this website, I found that this website also have their magazine. I read the story about Hutterites, they are the pacifist. However I like this article that I learn many things on it and this also show how important is to be tolerant with people.
    2. Youth for Human Rights- This is an interesting article that about many human rights and this also is my favorite video because it is easy to read and understand it. After I watch this, I know we have our rights, and some of rights we didn’t get yet. Then we should fight with the unfair thing. Try to get our life better and better.
    3. Not in Our Town- It is a good website that tells us an interesting website. Nobody want a freedom country but without safety, right? So we need to discuss how can we make a better society and keep it free and safety

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  25. Teaching Tolerance:
    I like this web side because it has many stories, magazine, and articles to read. i read “Ask teaching Tolerance” this is about, how in the history many people suffering with the tolerance. On example is Napoleon a famous person in the history who want to take all the world. this is a example of history racism and oppression to all the people. Also this show how many people are fight to get human right since many years ago.
    Youth for Human Rights:
    In this documentary I saw how many people fight to have “ human rights” that before was called “natural right” in this documentary ask the question, what is this human right to you? i think human right is we all have the same rights, we are all equal. I like this documentary because before have human rights the most of the color people was treat terrible, when the natural rights came many people have to right of freedom to help you be who you are.
    Not in our Town:
    This web side is good because work together to have safety in the world. This website show videos. In this web side teach us about the rights that have people and also in this website is NOT discrimination and NOT hate to other people because All we are human in this world so we all have freedom to life.

  26. I agree with Yinghang because it is very important “UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS”, and also we learn a lot of human rights in “NOT IN OUR TOWN”. This website is good to help understand more our rights.

  27. Teaching tolerance i like the website because it has lots of information on it and it even have articles and things that can help us know more about human rights
    Youth for human right is one of the best websites about human right specially the videos and clips that show us each human right.
    Not In Our town is an interesting website it has alot of info abotu hate crimes that happend against immigrants.

  28. Teaching tolerance has lots of articles which are very interesting. I personally liked this website because of the diversity that this web has, so many articles about everything we want.

    Youth for Human rights- I really loved this Website because it is very easy to understand how do they do it, each video is explaining about the human rights and will help us more to understand the rights more and more.

    Not In Our town - it's really a nice website and i really liked the video that they made and also this web helps everyone to not give up and keep trying before we achieve our dreams.

  29. The first website Teaching Tolerance is also created as a magazine. In that website we could choose one article and then get a specific information. I learned about a specific interest group, this group is working in Canada and Northern USA. They are treating other people like them brothers and sisters.

    The second website that I visit was a Youth For Human Rights was the most entertained for me. This website is my favorite, it have a lot of videos that be can watch and it is much more easier to understand and this website can make someone more interested in human rights.

    The third website that i visited was Not I n Our Town, this website was created for people that are discriminated or have been. This organisation is working for us, to make a world safe place to life and our communities, to do not lead hate crimes to happen again. If you are a victim of a discrimination you shouldn’t live that you should write to them and they will be able to help you.

  30. Danling I like the way you said this "don’t think there is anyone, as a human, who is so different from us. We all need to be treated equally."
    Lema I m agree that we all are human and have freedom to life.

  31. 1) From the Teaching Tolerance I have notice that this website also created some magazine which is interesting. I have read the story about Hutterites; who were pacifist. 300 years ago, they faced hatred and bigotry in Europe, and that is just because of their beliefs. And now they are being together in western Canada and Northern US and also working and treating others just like brothers and sisters. And they are encouraging the outsiders to join.

    2) Youth for Human Rights is also a very interesting website. In this website, I could check out videos which was much easier to understand for me. I like this website more than the others because it has more details. The videos provides explain more than the articles from another website.

    3) Not in Our Town- from this website I learned that this group works together to stop hate. They also have highlighted and some people who have developed creative anti-bias programs and responses. They Also shared the innovative initiatives, provide guidance to those who are seeking to take stand, documents of positive action, and lots of others as well. It has also a brochure where it shows Marcello Lucero’s brother; Joselo Lucero’s supporting the group.

  32. Farida Van Gennip
    1. Please write what you learned from each website.
    From the website youth for human rights i learned all of the human rights ,i saw video’s so i have a better understanding what they really mean.
    From not in our town i learned about the hate crime that happened in Long Island

    2. How can you use these websites for yourself?
    I can use this website by sharing it with my friends .And if somebody rights is violated i can tell that person to fight for his or her rights.

    3. Which website was your favorite and why?
    Not in our town is my favorite website because they fight for human rights violation .

  33. 1) Teaching tolerance is really an amazing website which is full of article's and also it has it’s own magazine. They have a lot of stories which is educating people about tolerance and they talked about the issues which is happening in America. I read some of the articles and it’s very interesting.

    2) Youth For Human Rights I would say this is the only websites I like most because they made the videos which are so nice and easy to understand. I love this website because they videos are connected with our life also from this website I learned how the Human Right came and how people fight for it.

    3) Not In Our Town is the organization which helps the people in our society. They educated people about how to fight for Human Rights. Also I saw the video about Marcelo Lucero case and how they took action on it. And this organization supports immigrants for their rights and safety.