Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, HW for First Person American

1. Get your media release form signed and bring to class Monday!

2. Go to the First Person American website and Watch David, Illona, Mona and Leila's Welcoming Story. Notice the specific details that make their story rich and memorable. Think about how to apply the story arc and hook to each story. What makes their story a good story?

Refine and continue working on your "Your Name's Welcoming Story" document in Google Docs.

Refer to your notes from the workshop's discussion of the story arc, hook and characteristics of a good story. Identify each part of your story arc and the hook. Label it on your story directly.

For Friday 3.9, bring a printout of your revised Welcoming Story. Be ready to discuss and illustrate how the story arc and hook applies to your story. Be specific! The good stuff is all in the details!

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