Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, Preparation for An Enemy of the People continued

Preparation for "An Enemy of the People"

Hi everyone,

Today we are continuing our work from yesterday.

Both assignments below will be graded as a test!!!

They are both due next Wednesday, October 24, printed and completed. 

1.     Choose a social issue related to human rights that you feel very strongly about and have knowledge of or can do research on. 

·      Write a monologue (like a speech, where you talk by yourself) in absolute, certain terms that we can overcome this situation as a society. 

·      You may choose a human rights situation from this country or their country of origin.  


·      Convince us that this is possible: for example, that women will have equal rights, that all humans will have justice, that detainees will be will be released, etc. See guideline worksheet and rubric for details.

·      You must include research (facts, statistics and details)

·      It must be at least one full page typed! Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double spaced.

2.   Do internet research on one modern-day whistle blower (a person who exposes illegal or unjust activity, often taking great risks to do so (like losing their job or even their life) in our culture, or your country of origin. 

·      Track what happened to this person. 

·      Is this person made into a hero or is he/she turned into an outcast? 

·      Often, they are outcasts turned heroes in the end. 

·      Track one person's journey, someone who has risen up to “blow the whistle” on a situation for the good of all.  

·      You must find two articles about this person and complete a research log for each one. One should be in your native language.

·      You must then write a one-page summary about his/her story, in your own words.

Our Teaching Artist, Stephanie Alston, will be expecting the materials from you next Wed 10/24! 

Don't let us down!!!  We will continue this work tomorrow!

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