Friday, October 19, 2012

Photos with Concern

Hi all,

Here are some great photos taken by Sylvia:


 Ms Mann

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  1. Whistle Blower: Frank Serpico

    Where is he today?
    Frank Serpico stayed kind of secretive about his exact location, he refers to his place as one room cabin he built himself, in upstate New York, it,s three hours north of New York city, and there's no neighbors in his living area.

    Was it worth it?
    Only Frank Serpico can really answer this question, but from what I read about him, I think it was worth it, because if he hadn't done that act , corruption will be rooted inside of the New York Police Department, in the other hand he lost his job, he became an outsider of the society.

    What would you have done if you were in his shoes?
    If I was in his shoes, I might would have done the same thing because I believe corruption and abuse should not be covered in any cases, but being an outsider could be very depressive and leading to lose your might over a feeling of guilt.

    Would you have been willing to suffer the consequences?
    Honestly, I wouldn't have been willing to suffer the consequences because suffering isn't a light pound of feeling that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

    At what point would you have turned back?
    At the point of loosing my family , I would have definitely turned back because my family is the most important that I have.

    Would you have done more?
    Apart stepping out and tell the wrong, I don't think there's more I could have possibly done. My life on earth is too short to give away some of it. it might sounds kind of selfish from me but corruption won't ever be eradicated as long as power can reside in human's hand. Million can step up today, million can die in the name of the right thing but that won't stop the wrong from growing, but that way of thinking should not be the reason why we step aside and wash our hands from every shady thing.

    Frank Serpico
    You are one in a million
    You showed up like any ordinary police officer
    But people must have confused your personality to your emergence
    Brutality and corruption for you were unbearable
    Brutality and corruption for you were abominable
    Reason why you blew the whistle
    It has resonated in the ears of so many cowards
    You sure were not one of the strongest man
    Neither one of those exhibitionist
    But your integrity has made a great man out of you.

    You have lost people's respect
    You have lost what you like the most
    You have lost your sense of being social
    You have lost your minded peace
    But indeed you have become one of the well known
    You have become one of the respected individual
    For whom knows the definition of respect and for whom it should adhere to.